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Athens man allegedly assaulted his mother with a hammer

Thomas Cassidy Lindsey

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man was arrested on Monday for an assault on his mother in which he allegedly struck her with a hammer.

A reason for the alleged assault was not made clear in a police incident report.

However, the report indicates that on the evening of March 3, Thomas Cassidy Lindsey was at his mother’s apartment on Sussex Drive when a family member told him that he needed to leave and “not to bother them anymore.”

At the time, Lindsey’s mother reportedly was outside on a patio, and when her son came out, he grabbed her by the throat, lifted her off the ground, and then threw her onto a sidewalk.

According to the report, the victim said that Lindsey got on top of her and, with his knees on her chest, “started to hit her with a hammer.”

Lindsey stopped the assault when his girlfriend went outside to investigate a scream she heard, at which time Lindsey fled from the scene, according to the police report.

When police arrived at the victim’s home, her face reportedly was covered with blood, and she had a laceration on her forehead. She was transported by ambulance to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

The girlfriend told police she witnessed Lindsey using his fists to assault his mother, but not a hammer, according to the police report.

Lindsey was arrested early Monday on warrants charging him with aggravated assault and aggravated battery, and as of Wednesday morning was being held at the county hail out bail being set.

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Another not guilty for Deborah.

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