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Athens man arrested for hit-and-run that critically injured pedestrian

Updated: Jan 8

Dawson Bernard Welborn

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run collision with a pedestrian last week at a westside intersection.

Dawson Bernard Welborn, 25, of Lakeside Drive was charged with felony leaving the scene of an accident with serious injury and driving on a suspended license.

The incident happened the night of Jan. 1 when a 27-year-old Crawfordville man was crossing the street near the intersection of West Broad Street and Alps Road and he was struck by a vehicle that fled the scene. Police said that the man did not heed a do-not cross signal.

The pedestrian was initially taken to a local hospital in critical condition, but he was later transferred to an Atlanta hospital where on Monday he was said to be recovering with multiple fractures.

An investigation by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department identified Welborn as the motorist who was involved in the incident, and he was taken into custody on warrants Thursday.

A judge set bail for Welborn at $15,000, and a hold on his release from the local jail was lodged by the Wilkes County Sheriff's Office for a felony probation violation that stemmed from a robbery conviction in that county.

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A shame the law doesn’t allow for a minimum twenty year sentence for felony hit and run. Society would be safer if this dung pile were locked away.


I guess I am paying for the medical care.

Respondendo a

We All pay more for medical care without a universal healthcare system. Your premiums go up every time someone that cannot afford care visits an ER. You only have yourself to blame here…continuing to vote for higher healthcare costs is on you.


Thank you: Police.


There WILL be NO prosecution! The DA has an entirely different concept of what law and order is supposed to be in our once great district. Remember, this driver will be looked at as a victim of a poor and unprivileged upbringing in a fatherless home and will not be held responsible or made culpable for his irresponsibility and crime. What WILL happen is the man that was hit probably be prosecuted for jaywalking or trespassing


Good job catching this dude. Thats a crazy intersection, but his running away seems to condirm his guilt!

Respondendo a

Being on probation for a robbery conviction probably had more to do with his actions

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