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Athens man charged for shooting gun in fight with brother

Terrio Tavarus Pass

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly shooting a gun during a fight with his brother outside of the brother’s apartment on Scandia Circle, according to Athens-Clarke County police.

Police said they responded to the apartment at about 8:15 p.m. to investigate reports of gunshots fired at Building 120, with someone possibly injured. Upon arrival officrers found 42-year-old Terrio Tavarus Pass sitting on steps outside the apartment of his brother, 44-year-old Marco Cortez Pass. A revolver was next to Terrio, police said, and an officer who examined tghe gun determined thst two rounds had been recently fired from the weapon. Terrio explained that he and Marco had fought in the parking lot in a dispute over a cellphone and that he heard gunshots as he walked toward the apartment, according to police. A neighbor who reportedly heard the gunfire observed the brothers fighting but did not see who the shooter was.

“Based on the testimony of Marco and Terrio and the location of the firearm in vicinity to Terrio (he) was arrested for reckless conduct,” the officer wrote in his report of the incident.

When searched, Terrio was found to have methadone on him, so he was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance, as well as being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

The officer noted in his report that a gunshot residue test conducted at the county jail indicated that Terrio had recently shot a gun.

As of Thursday afternoon, Terrio remained in custody without bail being set for his release.

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Brotherly love.


There will be no prosecution of this case… But there WILL BE Restorative justice

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