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Athens man indicted for attacking, sexually assaulting UGA student near campus

Tritavious Malik Harris

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man has been charged in a 14-count indictment for an alleged brutal sexual assault and robbery of a University of Georgia student last month near UGA’s North Campus.

According to the indictment that was filed Tuesday in Clarke County Superior Court, 24-year-old Tritavious Malik Harris of West Broad Street was charged with criminal attempt to commit rape, criminal attempt to commit aggravated sodomy, kidnapping, aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated battery, robbery by force, three counts of sexual battery, simple assault, battery, criminal trespass, and theft by taking.

According to a UGA police report, the incident happened early the morning of Sept. 18, when the student was pulled by the hair, punched in the face and then slammed onto the ground by a man who subsequently sexually assaulted and robbed her near the North Campus.

According to the report, at about 2:33 a.m. a UGA police officer spotted the victim lying on a sidewalk on Fulton Street, west of the Tanner Building, which houses some grad students.

When the officer roused the victim, who had visible injuries to her face, hands and arms, she was unable to say what happened, according to the report.

However, the report notes that police reviewed surveillance video camera footage that showed the victim being accosted by a man who “intentionally caused physical injury to (the victim) by dragging her by her hair, punching and slapping her in the face, and slamming her to the ground resulting in losing consciousness.

“While (the victim) was unconscious”, the report continued, “the unknown male dragged her into a dark area and reached into her pants, touching her intimate parts in the process,” according to the report, which noted that during the struggle the suspect grabbed the victim’s shirt and tore off a portion of it.

The suspect then stole the victim’s cellphone before fleeing the area on foot, the report noted.

According to the indictment, the victim suffered a concussion and broken collar bone.

Following the attack, police released surveillance camera images of the suspect which generated leads from the public that helped investigators to identify Harris as the suspect.

UGA police subsequently obtained arrest warrants charging Harris with robbery, aggravated battery, kidnapping, sexual battery, battery, simple assault, and criminal trespass.

With the assistance of the Athens-Clarke County and Jefferson police departments, the resident of University Oaks apartments was arrested in Jefferson two days after the assault.

Harris, who has been incarcerated without bail since his arrest is scheduled to be arraigned on the indictment on Oct. 19.

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Release date should be on someone's Google calendar


John Mosby
John Mosby
Oct 08, 2021

Would like to see the Fathers take a active roll in responding to these incidents. These filthy POS will only be released and victimize another person. They need to be removed from the community for good.

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