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Athens woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend

Terrica Monique Williams

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman reportedly was arrested early Monday morning for stabbing her boyfriend during a fight at their home in an eastside Athens neighborhood.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, officers responded at about 2 a.m. to investigate a domestic disturbance at a residence on Upland Court, a side street off Cedar Shoals Drive.

Upon arrival they found 36-year-old Jeremy Lamar Miller, who was bleeding from a stab wound to the upper right side of his chest. The alleged offender, 30-year-old Terrica Monique Williams. Said that after some guests they had over had left, Miller began an argument for an unspecified reason.

The argument turned physical with some pushing and hitting involved, and at one point Williams reportedly struck her head on a table, causing an injury to her eyebrow.

According to police, Miller was uncooperative and told officers that he did not want Williams to get into trouble.

In explaining the stab wound, the man only said that he and Williams “fell together,” the police report noted.

When speaking with officers Williams referenced a previous incident involving Miller that required “multiple court appearances this year, police said.

In addition to being arrested for aggravated assault, Williams was charged with violating a family violence order, police said.

Miller’s injuries were not life threatening, according to po9lice, and he declined medical treatment a non-life-threatening injury and refused medical treatment.

The report did not say what type of knife was used or whether it was recovered

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Sgt. William Gipson at 762-400-7312 or

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At least she didn't shoot him.


Paul Bunce
Paul Bunce
Jul 03, 2023

This is why cops HATE domestic calls. Half of the time both parties will attack the cops after one of them has called 911.

Replying to

I have no doubt, and deservedly so. I’m just saying, here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Athens, a liberal bastion of cop haters and criminal lovers, they would have crucified her if it was here.


Love triumphs AGAIN!!!

… I think you'd better call Tyrone

(Call him)

And tell him come on help you get your shit

(Come on, Come on, Come on)

You need to call Tyrone

(Call him)

And tell him, I said come on

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