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Athens gangster arrested for allegedly shooting into home where child was later killed

By Joe Johnson

A member of an Athens street gang was recently arrested on charges that he shot a gun into a home that was occupied by several children just days after robbing a man at gunpoint.

Jadario Dashon Hill, 21, of Berlin Streets was taken into custody on warrants charging him with eight counts of aggravated assault, two violations of Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, and two counts each of armed robbery and possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony,

Hill had a gun when he was arrested last Wednesday, police said, so he was additionally charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Police have identified Hill as a member of EBE, or the Everybody Eats gang.

According to police, Hill’s first alleged crime occurred Feb. 23 in the area of “The Block “ on Nellie B Avenue where he stuck a gun to the back of another young man’s head and stole cash, a cellphone, and a handgun that was concealed beneath the victim’s shirt.

The victim later identified Hill in an Instagram photo in which he was seen with that gun and another firearm, according to police.

Five days later, on Feb. 28, police said, Hill alleged shot into a trailer at the Hallmark Estates mobile home park off Spring Valley Road.

 No one was injured, police said but six children were in the trailer, including 3-year-old Kyron Zarco-Smith, who a month later would be killed in a drive-by shooting that police said had targeted his gangster stepbrother, who was not injured.

Four members of Hill’s gang were subsequently arrested for the drive-by and charged with murder and related crimes.

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If drugs were involved he doesn't have a problem -- DA will dismiss or plead it down to a misdemeanor because she can't lawyer her way out of a paper bag and peps of jury want more crime not less so they won't convict..


Anywhere else he would be looking at a potentially long prison sentence. I’ll be glad when we dispose of the slug occupying the DA’s office and elect Kalki. It will be a nice change to have a real prosecutor in the office.

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