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Athens woman pleads guilty to arson, is sentenced to confinement and drug treatment

Tabitha Williams Johnson

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman this week was sentenced to confinement and drug treatment for pleading guilty to setting a fire in a westside boarding house.

Tabitha Williams Johnson, 49, was arrested in November after she intentionally set a fire in the house because she was angry about her phone being stolen.

Officials said Johnson, of Park Avenue, at the time was visiting at 985 W. Broad St. and consuming drugs when she set the fire.

In a plea deal with prosecutors on Wednesday, Johnson pleaded guilty to first degree arson, and she received a sentence of seven years, the first three of which are to be served in confinement and the balance on probation.

Superior Court Chief Judge Eric Norris ordered Johnson to get treatment at substance abuse facility and to make reparations for the fire damage.

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49??? She looks 70

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