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Barrow County Emergency Services vet retiring

L to R: Lieutenant Keith Jarrett, FF John VanGotum.

Firefighter John VanGotum has decided to retire from Barrow County Emergency Services after more than 15 years with the department. “John has been a great team member who is a great example of the men and women of BCES,” stated Chief Alan Shuman. “He knew his job well and would do whatever was asked of him.”

With many years in public safety, VanGotum has decided to concentrate on just the emergency medical field for the remainder of his career. He also wants to slow down a little and have time at home with his wife, kids and grandchildren.

Barrow County Emergency Services is in the process of hiring more quality personnel like Firefighter VanGotum. “This is a great department with quality personnel,” said Chief Shuman. We are looking for qualified people that want to join a great team. We work together to bring the best possible service to our citizens and require a few more team members.”

To join BCES you must be, or have the requirements to become, a certified GA Firefighter II as well as being a GA EMT-Intermediate or higher. We offer opportunities for state and national training, and very progressive protocols. Salary range is $45,442- $65,770 depending on certification levels and years of experience. “Come join the BCES family,” said Chief Shuman.

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Thank you sir and all the other first responders who risk their lives to protect others.


Classic City News
Classic City News
04 de jan. de 2022

Thank you for your service and best of luck wi the next chapter of your life

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