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Boil Water Advisory Issued Across Oconee County

Oconee County Water Resources has issued a countywide Boil Water Advisory due to a disruption in the main 24-inch transmission line from Bear Creek Reservoir.

This incident has led to very low water pressure in some areas, raising concerns about possible microbial contamination.

Residents should boil tap water or use bottled water for drinking, cooking, and all food preparation. To properly boil water, heat it until it bubbles vigorously, continue boiling for at least one minute, and let it cool before use. This step is crucial to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

The Centers for Disease Control advises using boiled or bottled water for brushing teeth, washing food, making ice, and providing water for pets. Washing clothes and dishes may not require boiled water if done correctly.

The advisory will remain in effect until further notice, with water quality tests determining its duration, which will be at least 24 hours.

Oconee County Water Resources will notify the public when the advisory is lifted. After lifting, residents should run all faucets for at least two minutes before using the water.

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