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Body scanner goes live to improve security at the Clarke County Jail

By Joe Johnson

A body scanner was installed and this week went operational at the Clarke County Jail where it will help stem the flow of contraband to prisoners and improve officer safety.

"We are excited to integrate this new technology into our jail. It is our responsibility to maintain safety for our deputies and detention officers, the incarcerated population, and everyone who visits the Clarke County Jail,” Sheriff John Q. Williams said.

The Tek84 Intercept Body Scanner is a full-body scanner that can detect both metallic and nonmetallic items including weapons, cell phones, drugs, and other contraband.

A quick four-second scan can be completed as part of the comprehensive search upon a prisoner's entrance to the Jail’s Intake room and can reveal items under the clothing and within the body.

"This scanner is a major step in reducing the potential for contraband making its way into the jail,” Williams said.

The Clarke County Jail joins more than 2,000 other jails, prisons, and detention facilities using body scanners to search inmates, quickly replacing the need for strip searches.

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