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Educating purged voters a high priority for Georgia Democrats

Georgia voters purged by GOP partisan policies designed to disproportionately disenfranchise low-income, youth, and minorities are the focus of a new Democratic effort to educate citizens about their status and how to restore voting rights. The Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee completed a postcard writing campaign to identify and write postcards to inform 1,600 Athens residents who have been removed from voter rolls.

The 2020 general election brought attention to Georgia, a new battleground state where Republicans have furthered their voter suppression techniques to maintain their extended control over the governorship, legislature, and congressional delegation. Although the election of Senators Warnock and Ossoff are viewed as signs of progress for resurgent Dems, the GOP has implemented draconian measures to suppress the very votes that led to that victory.

A group of Athens-Clarke County Democrats working closely with grassroots organizers from groups like Indivisible have vowed to take action to restore voting rights to thousands of purged voters and raise awareness about recent voter suppression legislation by the Republican-controlled state legislature at the direction of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who was also at the center of former President Donald Trump’s unlawful attempt to sway the 2020 election results through corrupt means.

The successful postcard campaign involved the entire community, with 1,600 names to inform of their removal from voter rolls. ACCDC member Angela Greene led the campaign to contact purged voters beginning September 1 and the task of contacting all affected Athenians was successfully completed.

The ACCDC would like to thank all of the volunteers who participated for their work and commitment to fair elections. This kind of community response to a fundamental right transcends partisan politics.

For more information about how to determine whether you as a voter have been purged, the Athens Democrats invite community members to confirm their voter status on the Georgia Secretary of State website. We ask residents concerned about voting rights to consider joining the local chapter of the Democratic Party, volunteering, and staying informed.

Jason Pratt


Athens-Clarke County Democratic Commitee

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Unknown member
Jan 20, 2022

I love how you use the term "educate" as if you are teaching them something. The correct term is "inform" but you use "educate" because it reinforces your belief that you know more than most and it's your job to tell people what to think. You see yourself as their savior... You aren't.

"at the direction of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who was also at the center of former President Donald Trump’s unlawful attempt to sway the 2020 election results through corrupt means."

You seem to imply that he was on Trump's side of the issue when he was the main impediment to Trump's efforts...

More intentional deception from the left, no big surprise here.

Please explain exactly how…


If you haven't voted in 3 years, you deserve to be purged. If you move and don't update your information, you deserve to be purged. Your letter is complete nonsense.

Unknown member
Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

It's intentionally deceptive is what it is.


Regina Smith
Regina Smith
Dec 31, 2021

lf we lose our right to vote, we will lose our democracy. Every Georgian must fight to ensure all of us can use our voice.

Replying to

No one has been denied the right the vote!! You have not proved this. You just say it and that makes it so? People have several ways and days to vote that are 100% free. They don't have to do it only on election day: early voting, weekend voting, absentee (70% of some precincts already do this). You just sound lazy. The numerical analysis shows a justification to consolidate precincts. What services do you need? We don't ride horses to the polling location during the week when we have to work. Are you saying in a month rural people never get mail or go anywhere?? Because that's what is sounds like your saying. What a pathetic state existence human…


Athens has been a blue county since I’ve lived in Athens ( 16 years) I haven’t seen anything change other than there are more non profits around. Seems like a lot of people like making money of problems. Poverty rate is still high, run down neighborhood still remain run down. Where is the change? People who say they are democrats ( regular or social) sit and have sat for many years in the local government. My thought is this - why not vote on people not parties? Let’s look at the individuals in power. Are they making a positive change in our community for the “whole” community? Or just for those keeping them in power?

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