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Everything you need to know about Georgia's new QB commit Ryan Montgomery

Ryan Montgomery handles his business. Ask anyone around him, and the first characteristic they bring up is his drive.

Montgomery cares, and Montgomery wants to win — as much as anyone. Sometimes he doesn't show it, behind his humble and focused demeanor.

But when it does, everyone around him feels it.

You probably know what a humble, unassuming kid he is off-the-field. But when he gets between the lines, especially the last year, he's really let his emotion show," Montgomery's private QB coach Brad Maendler said, discussing a Findlay game last fall. "I watched it electrify the team when he scored, and you know how the kids will hop around and flex, and he's never done that before. For him to show his emotion like that, he's very strategic when he shows it."

There will be a lot of emotion shown at Findlay on Wednesday, now that Montgomery became the eighth commitment in Georgia's 2025 recruiting class. Montgomery's addition gives Georgia the No. 10-ranked recruiting class in the 247Sports team rankings, jumping Fran Brown's Syracuse into the top 10.

In this article, we take a deeper look at everything Georgia fans need to know about Montgomery and how he arrived at his Wednesday commitment decision.


Especially at quarterback, one article explaining who they are doesn't do it justice. That's why we have an entirely different article on Dawgs247 set aside specifically to break down Montgomery's game in unmatched depth. You'll definitely want to check that out here.

Here's how his private quarterback coach Brad Maendler described the upside with Montgomery.

"Kids in California and Texas and Florida and Georgia, hot beds where you can throw year-round. One, Ryan's never really had that ability. Two, he's played basketball during the winter. We might throw once or twice a month. January, February, March, right in that area. He goes hard on throwing during the summer and in football season. I just think his upside is fantastic. He's not this finished product," Maendler said. "You look at this film, and you're like, woah, this kid can throw, but it's been done without the same amount of developmental work that another prospect might get. When he gets into a college program where, now it's a year-round thing, add it to the strength & conditioning and those types of things, his upside is just tremendous. I train a lot of Ohio and Midwest kids, and I think it's a commonality amongst all of our kids. In the past, they haven't gotten the amount of volume that creates that finished look. I would say, I think he's got a much greater ceiling."

247Sports scouting report from Allen Trieu: "Started right away as a freshman and has shown progression in his game each season since then. Good athlete who has also continued to play basketball at a high level. Plays in a wide open spread offense that has him frequently in the gun and in four and five wide. Has been asked to make a variety of throws and has shown he can do that. Sense of timing, anticipation and throwing into windows took a big jump as a junior. Can throw on the move and off-platform, and run a bit of RPO, but while athletic, is not likely to be a consistent running threat at the college level. Has the arm talent to make the necessary throws. Velocity is not quite at an elite level, but has more than enough to get the ball down field and on deep outs and longer throws. His trajectory is encouraging. That along with his baseline tools, size, and amount of experience at the varsity level all suggest he will end up starting for a major program."

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