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Georgia running back’s reckless driving described in DUI arrest report

By Joe Johnson

A University of Georgia football player was driving under the influence of alcohol early Sunday morning when his car was observed speeding and recklessly passing other vehicles, according to an Athens-Clarke County Police Department report.

A police officer was stopped for a red light on South Milledge Avenue at Macon Highway when he saw a 2024 Audi S6 sedan operated by 19-year-old Trevor Curtis Etienne coming from the direction of downtown. The car caught the attention of the officer when it screeched to a halt at the intersection.

When the Audi drove away the officer made a U-turn and followed, observing it illegally pass other vehicles, once while rounding a curve and again when cresting a hill. The report noted that the maneuvering was done in blind spots on the road where lighting was poor, and when crossing over double yellow lines.

After activating his patrol car's emergency lights and siren, the officer was unable to catch up with

the Audi despite reaching speeds of 70-80 mph, according to the police report.

Etienne didn't stop until he arrived at the closed gates of his apartment complex, The Retreat on Milledge.

According to the report, the football player had an odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath, was unsteady on his feet, and his eyes were glossy.

Etienne reportedly told the officer that he was returning home from downtown where he had consumed three beers.

He declined to submit to sobriety testing, telling the officer that he would push his car home, according to the report.

Etienne was charged with DUI alcohol less sale, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, and a window tinting violation.

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HEY! Back in 2020 y'all wanted ALL cops to be outta everyone's business and to be defunded AND unarmed, to include the ATF.

I think your rallying cry was "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'um like bacon"!

So NOW you want them enforcing the law again?!!!

HMM! Y'all thought you were SOOOO RIGHT back then in your ignorance and stupidity!! And once again you bleeding heart criminal loving cop hating was proven wrong by reality of the wicked world!

And once again you demonstrate WHY not only NO ONE should EVER take you seriously, BUT your kind should NEVER be in power!!! Do you realize the damage AND danger you've caused in the safety insecurity and law in order o…

Replying to

No. I'm just responding to all those liberal hypocrites out there that all the sudden want the police to be proactive when it comes to drunk driving and ID checks. The liberals cannot have it both ways. Nothing to get over.

It's decades of Liberal influence around this county in district has created what we have here today… non-enforcement of many of the laws on the books because somehow liberals think the law is victimizing these people

We want the liberals to get over their own stupidity ....BRO !!!


The crimes of having a Fake ID and underage drinking are two crimes both the progressive democrats and the law & order conservative republicans are happy to not have enforced. The progressives consider it “victimless crimes” and the law & order folks are glad to look the other way for all the money going into Athens business community.


Put his ass on a bus out of town. Hope he tears his ACL.


A little pretrial diversion, a small fine and maybe some probation. This time next year he will be having his pro-day and getting ready for the NFL.


NIL in action. College football is now officially pro ball. Expect more of the same.

A 2024 Audi S6 is a FAST car and leases for around $1200 per month. Its sticker is around $80K.

He is 19 years old. What could possibly go wrong?

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