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Gun violence: Americans being slaughtered as they go about daily business

Many of our elected officials- governors, state legislators, members of Congress-have failed to act to stop the murder of our children in our schools, worshipers in our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques, shoppers in our grocery stores, people visiting entertainment venues, judges and litigants in our courts of law, doctors and patients in our hospitals, men and women at their work places and innocent people just going about their daily lives.

Worse still, elected officials have made access to guns, including weapons of war like AR-15 type weapons, easy for those intending to use them to kill and injure their fellow Americans.

America, to our shame and horror, is in a class by itself with respect to injury and death from guns. No other developed country in the world comes remotely close to the Untied States in gun violence. No other country in the developed world would tolerate it. Neither should we.

We have known for years what can be done to dramatically reduce injury and death from guns. The measures described by President Biden in his recent address to the nation work. But we must have the collective will to demand that our governors and state legislatures and members of Congress adopt them…and quickly.

Americans do not have to be shot down on a daily basis at the whim of those determined to injure and kill us.

We must demand that our elected officials act now to end this mindless slaughter of the innocents.

Emma Jones


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 08, 2022

Maybe you should move to one of those other countries you speak of where you can be arrested for saying something offensive. I'd rather live here where I'm free to say anything I want and take my chances.

People like you keep claiming that average citizens have no reason to own "weapons of war" not understanding that this is exactly why the second amendment was written. You don't understand that as long as the people are capable, prepared and willing to fight a tyrannical government we will never have to. You think the freedom you have always known is the natural state of things and would remain in place without the potential for over 300 million American citizens to gra…

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