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High Time to End Mass Killings

We are now the victims of more than 250 mass killings in 2019 alone. Congress has the power to end the murder of American men, women and children in our streets, our schools, our restaurants, our churches and synagogues and mosques, our shopping centers and theaters and everywhere that Americans gather.

We know what works to bring an end to this madness. We know it is the failure of Congress to act which has brought this epidemic of violence upon us. We know from the experience of state governments and of other countries that universal background checks, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, enacting Red Flag laws and the funding of early detection and intervention measures work.

The overwhelming majority of Americans and of Georgians support these measures. There is no excuse for the continuing failure of our representatives in Congress, and in particular our Georgia senators, to protect us from this epidemic of vicious cruelty and the life-long suffering which follows from the mass murder and maiming of thousands of Americans every year.

Will our Georgia senators and representatives continue to refuse to act to protect the lives of your fellow Americans and of the Georgians who elected them to do so?

We can no longer tolerate the deliberate inaction by our Georgia members of Congress, and particularly our senators, which has resulted in the near daily massacre of our loved ones and fellow Americans.

We must demand that our Georgia senators summon the courage to act now to put an end to this needless and preventable mass killing.

Bruce Menke


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