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Athens woman arrested for assaulting man over a Facebook Live video he posted

Ruthie Lashonda Brooks

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting her child’s father last month because she was angry about a Facebook Live video that he had posted, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

The 22-year-old victim reportedly told police he was at his home on Timothy Road the morning of April 24 when the mother of his child, 27-year-old Ruthie Lashonda Brooks of Rolling Ridge Drive, came to his residence and knocked on the door.

Thinking that Brooks had come to bring their child, the man went outside, at which time the woman began asking questions about a Facebook Live video that the victim had posted, according to the report.

She reportedly asked the victim, “What did you say about me?” and the victim told her to watch the video herself.

Brooks then said, “You know I can’t watch it” and pulled out the broken end of a baseball bat or tennis racket and began beating the man with it, according to the report.

The victim reportedly told police he was struck by the object three times, hitting his thumb with such force that the finger bent back, and in the leg and also said, “she swung it a good time and hit me on the arm.”

The police report did not include a description of the Facebook Live video that got the woman so upset.

A witness corroborated that Brooks was the primary aggressor, and an officer photographed a visible injury to the victim's forearm.

The officer wrote in his report that he would be seeking warrants due to the domestic violence relationship between the involved parties.

An aggravated assault warrant was subsequently issued, and Brooks was booked into the county jail Wednesday night.

As of Thursday afternoon, Brooks continued to be detained in lieu of a $1,000 good security bond.

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