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College student student reports sexual assault by male she met on Tinder

By Joe Johnson

Athens-Clarke County police are investigating a college student's report that she was sexually assaulted by a male she met through the Tinder dating smartphone application.

According to an incident report, an officer responded at 1:19 a.m. Sunday to St. Mary’s Hospital on a report that a patient said she had been sexually assaulted a few hours previously.

The 19-year-old University of North Georgia student said that the assailant was a 22-year-old white male who resided in Madison County, with whom she had “matched” on Tinder and remained in contact with him until he invited her to meet him at the Blind Pig Tavern on West Broad Street.

When the victim arrived at the restaurant at 7 p.m., the suspect was already there, drinking at the bar and watching a football game on TV, according to the report.

The victim told the suspect that she did not plan on drinking due to her being underaged, but he began buying her drinks anyway, the police report noted.

After consuming one shot of liquor and three cocktails, the victim told the suspect that she was too intoxicated to drive, so he took her to her apartment in her own car, according to the report.

After they went into the bedroom, the suspect began removing the victim’s clothing, but she reportedly told him “No, I’m insecure I don’t want to do that.”

The suspect persisted, however, and after undressing the victim he reportedly sexually assaulted her.

The suspect left after calling Uber for a ride.

A detective responded to the hospital to speak with the victim, according to the report, which indicates that the suspect was being investigated for the offenses of rape and aggravated sodomy.

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