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Kemp sidles up to Trump in voiding face mask mandates

More businesses and states are requiring masks.  The debate is over.  Masks work.  

Common sense is beginning to prevail but not with our destined to be one-term Governor Brian Kemp.  Mayors of fifteen Georgia cities issued mandates to wear masks in an effort to curb their municipalities increasing number of COVID-19 cases.  These mayors, concerned for the well-being of their citizens and local economy, want to do something, anything that might help stem the tide.

Kemp, eager to please his master, decided to declare those mandates null and void.  For extra measure he decided to personally sue the mayor of Atlanta.  Now he didn’t file a lawsuit against all fifteen cities that issued mask wearing mandates, just the city with a female mayor, a black female mayor.  His action against Mayor Bottoms seems to be motivated by his desire to show Trump, ‘see, master, this is how I deal with uppity women in Georgia’, aren’t you proud of me?  Will this move lure suburban women back to the GOP? Don’t think so.

Why aren’t our Republican state senators and representatives asking Kemp to back off mayors taking action to contain this plague?  Why aren’t they demanding more of our Governor as our numbers soar?  They are all up for election in 2020.  Most have opposition and for those that do not, there is the option of writing in the name of someone you know has backbone.  When does silence and doing-nothing become "a bridge too far"?

Peggy Perkins


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