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RNC launches disinformation campaign against Democrats

The Republican National Committee has launched a national disinformation campaign against Democrats. RNC ads claim that Democrats have done nothing but investigate Trump. This has become the theme of their re-election campaign. The truth is that, while publicity is largely about the impeachment investigation of Trump, the House of Representatives has indeed been at work.  Publicity surrounding the impeachment inquiry involves the work of only one or two committees in the House.  Elsewhere, the House has been hard at work doing what it was elected to do,  passing legislation improving life for all Americans.  Under Democratic leadership, the House has sent more than 100 pieces of legislation to the Senate.  The fact that Mitch McConnell has quashed those bills has gone virtually unnoticed. Under McConnell’s thumb, all the Senate has done is to rubber stamp the pettiness of the president.  McConnell has used his position as Senate Majority Leader to prevent any debate on bills passed by the House and sent to the Senate.

There is method in McConnell’s madness.  If bills never see the light of day, Senate Republicans don’t have to account to voters for refusing to pass legislation intended to bring down medical costs, fund infrastructure, address corruption, and a host of other measures to make our lives better.  In other words, Senate Republicans are hiding under rocks, hoping to make Democrats look as though they are doing nothing more than attacking Trump. If Democrats don’t win a majority in the Senate, McConnell has vowed to continue his pettiness to quash legislation to the detriment of America.  This he will do even though more than half the country expect a bipartisan government that works.  When Trump and McConnell are allowed to trample on the wishes of the majority of Americans, what has our republic become?

Peggy Perkins


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I guess it's no point is providing data to back up your republican talking points so I will do it for you.


Unknown member
Nov 25, 2019

So where’s the list of all the Democrat accomplishments? Here’s some of Trumps 4 million jobs created Record employment. Economic growth 4.2% 49 year low unemployment rate Median household income at record high Black, Hispanic, Asian and women unemployment lowest in history 3.9 million off food stamps. Taxes lowered Retail sales surged There’s many more but too much to type on a phone; and all accomplished while a bogus Russian Hoax and failed attempt to impeach by the do nothing Democrat’s.

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