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Suspect stabs Athens man who told him using crack 'a bad idea'

By Joe Johnson

A 42-year-old Athens man reportedly was stabbed in the chest early Wednesday in east Athens, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

Police responded at 5:5p a.m. to Vine and Gressom streets where the victim was found to have an L-shaped laceration to his upper torso, according to the report.

The Dowdy Road resident told officers he was sitting on a wall there when a black male he knew only as “Mario” started to use crack cocaine.

In response, Mario “began to give (the victim) shit” and then stabbed him with a kitchen knife that had a black handle, the report noted.

When asked to demonstrate the attack, the victim raised his fist up high and then brought it down in a stabbing motion, according to the police report.

Mario, who was described as being in his late 20s and wearing a black pull-over sweater, dark sweat pants and black “lo-top”shoes, was last seen turning onto Arch Street as he ran away, according to the report.

A witness reportedly told police that Mario was known to “act wild.”

Officers checked a criminal database and located a Mario who had a history with police in the area of the stabbing, but the report noted there was not enough evidence to list him as a suspect.

The victim was transported by National EMS to a location that was redacted from the publicly-released version of the incident report.

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