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In November protect our democratic republic

Across the battleground states that decided the 2020 vote, candidates who denied the legitimacy of the election have claimed nearly two-thirds of Republican nominations for key state and federal offices in 2022.

In Georgia, that’s 13 or 19 Republican nominees, including GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker and Burt Jones, the party’s nominee for lieutenant governor along with 11 of 14 GOP congressional contenders.

We must not allow these election deniers be elected to political office to do more damage to our democracy.  They know their beliefs and positions are harmful.  Yet, they spout misinformation and falsehoods at every opportunity for the stake of power, not love of country and God.

Freedom is on the ballot in November.  Our Founding Fathers and our men and women in uniform fought wars to protect our institutions and democratic way of life.  Come November, help protect our democratic republic.

Bob Covi


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