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In plea deal, accused rapist pleads guilty to misdemeanor, sentenced to probation

Julian Josiah Toussaint

By Joe Johnson

A Walton County man who in 2019 was indicted for rape and related felonies had his charges reduced on Monday to a single misdemeanor count of sexual battery and was sentenced to 12 months of probation, according to Clarke County Superior court documents.

Julian Josiah Toussaint, 21, of Social Circle was originally indicted in October 2019 on charges of rape, aggravated assault and aggravated sodomy, court records show.

The indictment alleges that during the assault, Toussaint pushed the victim into a bedroom, held down her down by the wrists, and he beat and bit her.

The incident happened the night of Sept. 21, 2019 at a home in Athens, according to Athens-Clarke County police.

Police said the victim received numerous physical injuries, including cuts and bruises to her face, neck, chest and stomach.

Toussaint was arrested the day after the alleged assault, initially charged by police with rape, false imprisonment, kidnapping and battery.

After the indictment, the case lingered until three weeks ago, when Assistant District Attorney Gerald Henderson filed a motion requesting to continue the case from the Oct. 11 trial calendar to allow for additional time to negotiate with Toussaint’s defense attorneys.

Then on Monday, the DA' office filed another charging document, called an accusation, in which Toussaint was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery for "continuing to make physical contact with the intimate parts of (the victim) after being told to stop."

In return for pleading guilty to the lesser offense, the prosecution dismissed the rape, aggravated assault and aggravated sodomy charges.

Special conditions of probation are Toussaint must be evaluated for drug and alcohol abuse and comply with any treatment plan recommended by county Probation Services, and have no contact with the victim.

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DA Gonzalez believes she is a highly paid defense attorney rather than an elected prosecutor.

Gefällt mir

So this is reduced and the Das case retried??? I hope this dude thanks Gonzalez personally.

Gefällt mir
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