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Laken Riley murder exposes need for civility in Athens

By Linda Krotki

As many people have expressed recently, there is a need for unity in Athens. Divisive comments made with no basis in truth merit a closer look.

Commissioner Link’s words at the Mayor & Commission meeting on March 5th are words that demand scrutiny. She stated that Laken Riley’s tragic death and the subsequent arrest of Jose Ibarra was met with, “hysterical glee” and that many “seized upon this tragedy to promote division, bigotry, and hate.”

There is no truth in those statements that do nothing more than generate further division in our community.

The truth is that following Laken Riley’s murder, many have pointed to the importance of following and enforcing laws. Others have pointed to the many needs of our citizens throughout the county that are currently not being adequately addressed. No one I have seen speak on this situation nor anyone I know personally had a motivation rooted in bigotry or hate as Ms. Link would have us believe.

Commissioner Link spurred further division when she implied that with “terrifying regularity” white men and their gun-loving ways are responsible for the mass shootings taking place across America. I researched many of those events. I did not find white supremacy to be the common thread among shooters. Overwhelmingly, I found that shooters suffered with mental health issues.

Ms. Link made us aware that she is in favor of banning guns. She ignores the fact that people kill, not guns. The tragic irony here is that Jose Ibarra didn’t need a gun to kill Laken Riley, and Laken might still be with us if she had a defensive weapon such as a gun.

Commissioner Link’s commentary during the March 5th meeting was based on her own biases and misguided perceptions, was based on lies, and was highly divisive. For these reasons, Ms. Link warrants censure by this Commission and a verbal apology to the city she disparaged as well as to the commissioners who remained silent in regard to her obvious violation of the Resolution Pledging to Practice and Promote Civility in Athens-Clarke County. ( Center/View/92374/Resolution---Civility-in-Athens-Clarke-County- 3142023?bidid=).

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Spot on! We need representatives that are uniters, not dividers! 🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️


Link’s disgusting tirade shouldn’t surprise anyone who has lived in ACC for any period of time. The only consistent thing about her is the vile and vulgar venom she spews. She’s a dishonorable person and a disgrace to the community. The fact the she continues to be re-elected to the commission tells me everything I need to know about the people in her district.


Well, there is this that commissioner Link said.

Link responded to Hamby's comment by saying, "a lot of them (UGA football players) are out there raping and murdering."


Um......Let me point out the FACT that the ONLY Americans who commit "mass" shootings are young white males or middle aged white males. We're not afraid of Muslims or "terrorists". We're worried about Timmy and Lil Johnny and Chad shooting up schools, churches, and grocery stores. We're afraid that Tyrone is trying to shoot Maurice and the 2 year old baby in the car next to them gets hit with a stray. Now....the difference is, Timmy, Johnny, and Chad have "mental health issues"..."society has failed them"...."they're good boys, just misguided". 🙄 Now with Tyrone and Maurice....they don't get that same consideration. They are automatically "thugs". Everyone does not suffer from mental illness or are just thugs. Some are just evil…

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I read somewhere that a kid has a greater chance of dying if mom dreives him to school, that by a school shooting. It goes tro show that we need to take bad drivers off the road, and crazy peoiple off the streets.


Well said Mrs. Krotki. commissioner link’s hate filled screed deserves censure by the commission and the mayor.

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Well we know that ain't happening. All those people thrive under the same pile of dung.

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