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MAGA lawmakers not seriously trying to solve border crisis

By Peggy Perkins

MAGAs’ insistence that they want border funding has proved to be a lie, as Democratic and Republican senators hammered out a strong agreement that the MAGA Republicans, like our Rep. Mike Collins, rejected.  The former president demanded his supporters prevent any solution. These extremists even condemned the Republican legislators that took part in negotiating a bipartisan solution to our southern border.

MAGA lawmakers have been holding up aid for Ukraine and Israel while seeking concessions on immigration measures.  Now that there was a bipartisan deal on the table, they said “Never mind.”  They now say, Biden just needs to revive all the executive actions that Trump had put into place.

Problem is, most of Trump policies were found to be illegal.  Speaker Johnson demands Biden build a border wall without Congress approving sufficient funding.  They demanded an end to “catch and release” which the proposed bipartisan bill did along with other stringent measures.

Maybe Johnson and his MAGA colleagues have grown so accustomed to Trump’s lawlessness that they figure Biden should be willing to cross a line now and then, too.

Our immigration system is confusing.  Still, one would hope that politicians paid to understand these things and who have made immigration a centerpiece of their 2024 campaign, might not be so feckless. MAGA elected officials failure to pass to the most serious border funding measure in decades to secure the border only underscores their cynical disinterest in actually securing the border and governing.

Peggy Perkins resides in Winder

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Maga lawmakers don't want to give corrupt Joe permission to allow 5000 illegals entry per week. Lets not forget that in the past 12 months, Senile Joe allowed more illegals into the US than Trump allowed in 4 years. There is no excuse for letting that desiccated ball of corruption permission to bring in more criminals and drug dealers. We just had a beautiful young woman murdered by one of Biden's "finest." How many more dead people do we need to have before the left understands that Biden can stop the flood of illegals tomorrow, but he is too busy buying votes with debt forgiveness to care about the dead bodies he's responsible for creating Let's not forget that …


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PART 1 $118 Billion “Border” bill;

·         $20 Billion to for US/Mexico border; 17% of bill $$$.

The other $98 Billion will be spent on:

·         $73.8 Billion to Ukraine (In addition to the $79 Billion + already spent)

·         $14.1 Billion to Israel

·         $2.4 Billion to combat Houthi Rebels in Yemen

·         $2.6 for munitions to Taiwan

·         $10 billion in humanitarian aid for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, Ukraine and other nations

·         Requires the US to process at least 1,400 migrants per day; 9,800/week, 42,000/month, 511,000/year.

·         Gives the president the power to shut down the border if more than 4,000 migrants attempt to cross the border in a week; 16,000/month, 48,000/year.


PART 2 ·         The $20 Billion earmarked for “border security” is to be used, not to secure the border, but to provide additional personnel to more efficiently handle processing immigrants.

·         The bill would cost over $350 for each of the 330 million Americans. This is about 1,200.00 for the average American family.

Under the Biden administration Illegal border crossing have reached the highest numbers ever recorded; 300,000+ in December 2023, a steady increase since Biden took office with 2.2 million in 2022 and 2.0 million in 2023.

Under the Trump administration illegal border crossing apprehensions along the southern border during the 2017 fiscal year were the lowest level since 1971; 303,916.


PART 3 Laws already exist to manage the border situation. The Biden administration along with Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, the United States Secretary of Homeland Security refuses to adhere to the laws already on the books. Immediately after being placed in office Biden overturned many of the policies Trump had in place that were effectively preventing illegal immigration.

Trump and Biden both had access to the same resources and funding, yet under Biden illegal immigration in just three years has increased to over 11 million compared to 1.2 million during the four years under the Trump administration. Why?

Shouldn’t this $118 billion be used in the US for; hospitals, education, veterans, seniors, drug treatment and so much more that is needed in the US?

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