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Man arrested for allegedly spying on UGA student as she showered at home

Jason Gordon Williamson

By Joe Johnson

A Jackson County man reportedly was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly spied on a University of Georgia student as she showered in her home.

Jason Gordon Williamson, 46, of Eric Way in Bogart was charged with felony peeping Tom, the county jail’s website indicates.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, officers responded at 9:37 p.m. to a home on Burnett Street, just south of UGA’s Foley Field, on a 23-year-old student’s report that a neighbor had called to alert her that a man was looking into her bathroom window while she was taking a shower.

When officers arrived, they interviewed the witness who said she was outside with her dog when she saw a man who was looking into the student’s bathroom window and tried to conceal himself in some bushes upon realizing he’d been seen, according to the report.

She reportedly described the suspect as a heavy-set male with a beard and wearing eyeglasses who put a phone to his ear as he walked past her, toward his car that was parked down the street.

The witness and victim both described the car as a black Honda and noted its tag number, according to the police report, which indicated that a Jackson County deputy found Williamson at the Honda’s registered address and detained him until the student was driven to his residence, where she identified him as the alleged peeping Tom.

The report noted that the victim said that the suspect was the same person who allegedly spied on her at her home on Jan. 27 and Feb. 14.

As of Friday afternoon, Williamson was being detained at the Athens-Clarke County Jail in lieu of a $500 good security bond.

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This is kind of weird. I've never heard of a crime where the police drives the victim/witness to the alleged suspect's home and asks, "is this the guy?". What happened to a line up? Picking from a group of pictures? Couldn't they check his phone to see if he had been at the location as well? Sounds like bad police work. This is supposed to hold up to a defense attorney? Someone that knows more about the law, evidence and police work should comment. Thankfully I wasn't the initial comment so I don't have to get called a racist and roll around in the mud with someone who doesn't recognize a phrase from early 20th century literature. Did the gi…

Unknown member
Feb 20, 2022
Replying to

Without corroberating video from the victim/witness, nearby home security system and/or cell phone location data I cannot imagine any honest, objective jury would convict him. Reasonable doubt for days.


Unknown member
Feb 18, 2022

No cell phone video of him in the act or leaving the scene in said vehicle? Odd considering the witness had their phone in their hands. If the car was parked "down the street" how did they get the license plate without following him and if they followed him I find it weird that they didn't get any video. Was there a police report with a description concerning the first incident? Considering they were able to positively identify him there should be, if they didn't report it the first time and had a description why not?

Not saying he's innocent but something about this seems off.

Unknown member
Feb 19, 2022
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Stop, reread the article... He was not apprehended at the scene, he was taken into custody at his home a long way away from the alleged incident. As far as I can tell there is no evidence he was ever there at all, only the word of a single witness who for some reason took no video despite having their phone in their hand just after spotting him (they called the alleged victim) and somehow was able to give the cops his license plate even though he was parked "down the street"... It sounds like in order to get the plate they would have had to follow him to his car.

Was there a report made from the first alleged…

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