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Mind-Body Medicine, An Idea Whose Time Has Come

By James P. Hilton

Ignore that elephant sitting over there. 

Just look over here at this flashy new movie starring handsome heartthrob actor Ben Affleck!

The powers that be just ADORE projecting distortions about hypnosis and painting it as “magic.”

They are hopelessly addicted to pushing this massively sensational, but totally misleading narrative.

Why?  Because medical doctors know that the human mind has such spectacular potential for therapeutic good, even to eliminate huge swaths of the pharmaceutical / surgical paradigm that they’ve worked so hard to build near complete dependency upon. 

And HOW exactly do they know all this? 

Well consider that the undisputed gold standard of all medical research is the “placebo controlled” double blind study.

What this unambiguously tells us is that power of the human mind is so enormous that it literally must be subtracted out of every medical study!!

Hypnotherapy and all Mind-Body therapies (the umbrella term which includes Hypnosis, Tai-Chi, meditation, & yoga) is now being taught to physicians at Harvard Medical School!

You can now get therapeutic hypnosis from doctors at the famed Mayo Clinic.

Mind-Body therapies generally, and hypnotherapy in particular threatens to disrupt the entrenched and colossal medical assembly line, and of course the income stream that it generates.

They have to bring it down a notch. 

Make it “spooky,” or all about mind control, or lump it together with palm reading and astrology.

But their all time favorite tactic is to erroneously paint it as some kind of cheap parlor trick.

It simply MUST be delegitimized -too much money is at stake.

If not, then the whole multibillion dollar house of cards could collapse.

And that ain’t gonna happen.

JAMES P. HILTON is an Athens based hypnotherapist who was formally trained in Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

An experienced paramedic and a medical educator, he has taught physicians, nurses, and paramedics for the American Heart Association for over 20 years.

He is also a medical historian and has written eight books.

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4 comentários

James Hilton
James Hilton
23 de abr. de 2023

Oh look!! Another big talking keyboard warrior, short on facts but long on profanity! lol. Try sticking to the facts big man. And maybe wash your mouth out with soap. lol


12 de abr. de 2023

When you say you were formally trained in Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School, does this mean that you took the 3 day course? That course is intended as a continuing education program, not a formal training program. As for teaching medical professionals for the American Heart Association, do you mean instructing and certifying CPR?

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go fuck yourself. comments aren't a literary essay competition and an exchange with your best friends. Anonymity is really the only guarantee of free speech. So again, long and hard.. go fuck yourself.

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