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My body, my freedom

I fear that many Americans believe the decision (Roe v. Wade) passed 50 years ago and recently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, allowed abortions “on-demand.” The law contained reasonable restrictions on access to legal abortions up to 24 weeks, with strict time-line and medical exceptions. The anti-abortion bills recently passed in states all over the country (and Georgia) put that serious healthcare decision in the hands of elected State, Senate and House members, the majority of whom are white men. Georgia’s law is a six-week limitation. Most women would agree that six weeks is not long enough for most woman to even know they are pregnant; a concept most men can't believe or wrap their heads around. If a state legislator’s 13-year-old daughter is tragically raped and becomes pregnant, I’m confident that they would want the right to consider a legal abortion as an option.

Back in the 1980s, my husband and I were delighted to find I was pregnant for the second time. For weeks, pregnancy tests continued to indicate that I was pregnant. Finally, after 13-14 weeks, my doctor had to break the news to us that the fetus was dead. An abortion was a necessary yet heartbreaking healthcare decision for me to make.

To me, the abortion debate goes to the core of human liberty and freedom promised every

American. Every human should have the right to make personal healthcare decisions for

themselves. The current GA law is equivalent to making a vasectomy for men illegal after the

age of 35. Not for one-second would GA Legislators consider making that healthcare decision

for men into a state law.

Now that Roe v. Wade has been over-turned, each state needs to craft abortion legislation that considers a woman’s right-to-choose within reasonable guidelines. I could never vote for a Georgia State or Federal candidate who supports banning abortions after 6 weeks without

exceptions for rape, incest or the health and welfare of the mother.

Jane Kidd


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Ok if someone says “my body —my choice” can I say “Your college loan —your payment” ?

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No. You cannot compare the two because they have no similarities. Public education is not Womens healthcare.


Unknown member
Sep 27, 2022

"allowed abortions “on-demand.” The law contained reasonable restrictions on access to legal abortions up to 24 weeks, with strict time-line and medical exceptions."

Except in Colorado and 5 other states a woman can get an abortion at any point up until the moment of birth. Many women have been literally celebrating their abortions and gone to great lengths to normalize it as a means of contraception all over the country. Not as a means of last resort, as an everyday means of contraception.

This is why Roe vs. Wade was overturned, those of us who were content with the compromise of "safe, legal and rare" have been appalled at the grotesque display of these celebrations and the attempt to normaliz…


Your piece has a lot of opinion and barely any facts. I went on to check some data and I think your opinion would be stronger with facts. As it stands it’s very weak. The smallest percentages are due to rape and incest. The second lowest due to health reasons, and the most seem to be from women that are not ready to have children/ can’t afford. Most women do abortions within 6 weeks and within the ages of 25-29% ( According to women history, male doctors have always had a say in contraception for women.. why are we still practicing abortion as reproductive control? This is harmful to women. Our medical industry is full of female doctors. Women…

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And this is why you lost. How could you, as a woman, force another woman to carry and give birth against her will?

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