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Time to Lead Georgia

By Scott Howard

Two weeks ago, Georgia voters were shocked to learn that a key component of the state’s electronic voting system was “hacked” in a federal court room using just an ordinary ball point pen.  While this came as no surprise to anyone familiar with the “Halderman Report” (Security Analysis of Georgia’s Image Cast X Ballot Marking Devices by J. Alex Halderman), it was likely a rude awakening for many Georgia legislators.  More importantly, it further confirmed the suspicions of an increasing number of Georgia voters.


Do legislators still rely on the Secretary of State’s candor and credibility to justify the continued use of this voting system, after recently passing legislation to remove him from the State Election Board as well as clarify the authorization and protocols to investigate his office?Are Georgia voters so easily persuaded by a "carnival barking" public official who refused to testify under oath in a federal trial when presented the opportunity to set the election security record straightregarding Georgia’s “battle tested” voting system?Members of the Georgia Senate, like every Georgia voter (and taxpayer) deserve the WHOLE TRUTH!

In her court order of 11/10/2023, Judge Totenberg made it very clear that the sole vested power to enact or change state election law rests with the Georgia Legislature.  The Court will not infringe upon or usurp that power. Despite 6 years of pre-trial motions, stalling tactics, and millions of Georgia taxpayer funds spent to avoid the court room, the Secretary of State’s defense, by all accounts, is weak.

Courtroom reports from citizen journalists indicate that "Halderman's hack" was but an "exclamation point" on what has been described as a mostly one-sided trial.  Moreover, a pattern of behavior emerges that at best, can only be described as “bad faith’ by the Secretary of State’s office.  This will be revealed in the transcripts of the court proceedings and likely acknowledged by the Court itself.Should the plaintiffs prevail and Georgia’s current voting system be declared "constitutionally deficient", the Georgia Legislature will be forced to address this critical issue immediatelyThe Georgia Legislature should demand full disclosure as to the demonstrated and documented deficiencies of the beleaguered Dominion Voting system.  Georgia voters have the right to be assured that their every elected representative is fully informed on this subject before proceeding.

This can be accomplished through open, public hearings at the State Capitol as soon as possible. The interests of Georgia voters would clearly be better served by the expert testimony of an individual who DID testify under oath in the Curling v Raffensperger trial regarding the known vulnerabilities and deficiencies of Georgia’s current voting system. 

The Citizens of Georgia are formally asking for the Senate to execute its authority in Elections to request that Judge Totenberg issue a Court order to allow Dr. Halderman to demonstrate in person the issues which concern the Dominion voting system in an open public hearing at the State Capitol.  This should include a Dominion ICX Ballot Marking Device for demonstration as well as an open discussion session in which legislators are able to ask questions on behalf of their constituents. We have taken our Elections Cases to the Georgia Supreme Courts, ALL (5) have been returns no relief as the STATE holds Sovereign Immunity in Georgia elections. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Howard is a resident of Winterville

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