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Three charged in assault, robbery on UGA campus

Christopher Lee Walton

By Joe Johnson

Three suspects have been charged for a recent assault and robbery that occurred last month on the University of Georgia campus.

According to a UGA police report, a UGA officer was conducting a foot patrol of the North Quad of the campus at about 3 a.m. Sept. 19 when she heard a commotion in the fenced courtyard near the Administration Building.

Upon shining her flashlight over some hedges and into the area, the officer saw a number of people running away, toward the North Campus Parking Deck, according to the report.

When the officer entered the courtyard to check for possible damages, she found a 20-year-old male from Carrollton who was lying on his back and bleeding from the face, according to the report.

Brandyn Anthony Renardo Moss
Demarcus Audrecus Gay

Another officer arrived and provided first aid to a wound on the side of the victim’s head, the report noted.

With labored breathing and slurred speech, the victim reportedly told officers, “They jumped me; they were all Black; I thought we were cool, and we were drinking in the bars,” according to the report.

Officers determined that the victim still had his wallet, but his cellphone was missing, the report noted.

The victim, who was said by police to not be a UGA student, was transported by National EMS to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

The report does not explain how the suspects were identified.

However, a supplemental report indicates that the day after the attack, 21-year-old Christopher Lee Walton of Elberton, appeared at UGPD to retrieve his vehicle that had been seized as part of the investigation, and while Walton was there police took a photograph of him due to him bring barred from UGA property.

Then, according to the supplemental, on Sept. 22 police obtained aggravated battery and robbery warrants for Walton, and also for Damarcus Audrecus Gay, 22, of Anderson, S.C. and Brandyn Anthony Renardo Moss, 19, of Liberty, S.C.

All suspects were notified about the warrants by phone, and Walton surrendered at the Clarke County Jail on Sept. 29, and Gay and Moss surrendered on Oct. 4.

Gay and Moss were each released to a parent upon posting a $15,000 bond on Oct. 5, and Walton on Wednesday remained at the jail after having been denied bond.

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John Mosby
John Mosby
Oct 08, 2021

Hanging out in "the clubs" with these three turds is like sitting next to the toilet and striking up a conversation with yesterday's burrito supreme before flushing. If you see vermin like this in the club, you are in the wrong club.

" “They jumped me; they were all Black; I thought we were cool, and we were drinking in the bars,” according to the report. " Ha! ha! ha! Fool.


When you read these reported crimes just remember there are probably 3 times this number not reported where the suspect escapes or the victim is also guilty of a crime like drugs and fails to report it. Athens is NOT safe.


They heard how lenient the Clarke county DA is and figured what an easy target Athens has become. They will becoming from all over to commit crimes in Athens. This must be how Oconee county feels about the criminals from Clarke county.

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