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Trump emerged from Super Tuesday weakened as presumptive GOP presidential candidate

To the editor:

Donald Trump is now the Republican candidate for president for the third time, but his numbers should worry him. He lost 40% of the vote in South Carolina, when Nikki Haley was still in the fight. He beat her among white, evangelical voters and non-college voters; Haley won all others. Here in Georgia's primary Haley received 77,000 votes; 20,000 cast after she had withdrawn!

Trump threatens to banish Republicans who supported or donated to his long gone opponents.

Threats won’t win them back. President Biden must woo those voters for November. Trump lost Republican primary votes ranging from 13% in Alaska to over 50% in Utah; about 25% of Republicans simply don’t want him, period. Trump has good reason to be afraid. When this man gets scared, he just gets uglier, meaner, and stridently incoherent. No wonder some top Republicans are worried about Trump’s weak showing.

J. C. Elsner


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