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Truth, or Consequences

On November 3, we voted to choose a President and Vice President, members of Congress and to fill state offices. The election was a resounding success. Donald Trump received 74+ million votes, more than in 2016, and Joe Biden more than 80 million. The Department of Homeland Security stated it was the most secure election ever conducted. There was no evidence of significant voter fraud.

Republicans did well, flipping 14 seats in the US House and winning numerous state offices. Winners in Georgia included Republican Jody Hice in Congressional District 10. Georgia Democrats also had significant victories, winning both of Georgia’s Senate seats.

Candidate Donald Trump then falsely claimed massive voter fraud but failed in more than 60 court cases to provide evidence that the election had been stolen. Recounts, including three in Georgia, confirmed the election results. The Georgia Republican Secretary of State and Republican administrator of elections refuted, point by point, every allegation of voter fraud and the Republican Governor of Georgia certified the election results. Supporters of the false narrative of massive voter fraud threatened the lives of Georgia officials and their families.

Donald Trump urged his supporters to prevent the acceptance by Congress of the election results and a massive attack on the Capitol by a violent mob ensued, threatening the lives of Vice President Pence and Speaker Pelosi and forcing the members of Congress to seek safety as best they could. Five people died and dozens of Capitol police were injured, some severely.

Order was restored and both Houses accepted the certified results of the election.

Representative Hice attempted to object to the acceptance by Congress of the results of the election in Georgia as certified by the Republican Governor of Georgia. In doing so, Mr. Hice lent credence to the false allegations of voter fraud made by Donald Trump.

Mr. Hice could not have been unaware that there was no evidence of massive voter fraud in Georgia. Mr. Hice was not acting in good faith in attempting to prevent the acceptance of the election results.

By attacking the results of the election, Mr. Hice lent credence to the lie that the election had “been stolen”, the lie which led to the violent attack on Congress and continuing threats of violence.

Mr. Hice has forfeited the right to participate as a member of Congress and must resign or be expelled.

It is a sad day for Georgia when one of her native sons acts to subvert our Constitutional form of government.

Bruce Menke


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