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Voting by mail

With all the changes to make voting by mail challenging, Democrats fought hard and successfully to keep the “Opt-In” provision included in our state elections law.  If you are over 65 years old, are a voter who is disabled, or a uniformed service member, spouse or dependent of a uniformed service member, or other US citizen residing overseas, you can “opt-in” to receive an absentee ballot for the rest of the elections cycle without making another absentee ballot application.  An Election Cycle starts with the Spring Primaries and ends with the last Runoff election of the year. 

Once granted an “Opt-In”, your County Election Office will automatically mail you an absentee ballot for each election (EXCEPT special elections) throughout the current election cycle.  You are not required to fill out a new Absentee Ballot application until the new Election Cycle.  Remember, for special elections you must submit an application to receive a ballot.

Voters not eligible for “Opt-In” must submit one application per election date in order to receive an absentee ballot.  Applications are available at to download or call 706-613-3150

Voting by mail is a godsend for the elderly, disabled and for service members and their families serving overseas enabling them to have their voice heard and make a difference.  It’s a shame that there are conservative politicians that are only interested in manipulating the vote just enough to ensure a “win” for their political party.

Johnnie Ellington

Barrow County

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It is true that "Voting by mail is a godsend for the elderly, disabled and for service members and their families serving overseas". Mail in voting is also a godsend for those who would like to use it to illegally cast votes. I know there are many people that will defend voting by mail saying there is no evidence of using fraudulant mail in voting. Here's just one of many examples: Senate hearings on 2020 voting irregularities in Nevada:

Respondendo a

Bless your heart. You would take away the votes of millions of elderly, disabled, and service people for 2-3 people that ATTEMPT voter fraud?

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