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Word of the day: Tohubohu



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Hebrew, unknown

1.A state of chaos; utter confusion.

Examples of tohubohu in a sentence

"The mayor's unexpected announcement left the press in a tohubohu."

"After recess the students were always in a tohubohu."

About Tohubohu

This word developed from the Hebrew word "tōhū wa-ḇōhū," which translates to "emptiness and desolation." "Tohubuhu" is also found in the Bible, used in context to mean "without form and void."

Did you Know?

In a modern sense, "tohubohu" refers to a state of chaos. Originally, however, it meant something very different. The Hebrew phrase "tōhū wa-ḇōhū" refers to the world just before the creation of light. In this context, it means a lightless, endless void.

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