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A-Z: The Beginning

By Quentez Hodge

First off, I must give honor to God who’s head of my life. He is the glue to it all, the reason I have a story to tell, and the reason I’m here to tell it.

The most important thing I can tell you before we start this journey into the life of Quentez Hodge is that you first need to find yourself. Be happy with yourself. Love yourself. Make sure your mind and heart are just as solid and good as the foundation your feet are standing on. You wouldn’t build a house on an unstable foundation, would you? My point exactly.

We find ourselves always looking for things on the outside to make us feel good on the inside. However, if you need that you’re already on the wrong path. True happiness and freedom come from within. Do it fast, as time waits on no one. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t lived it myself to see how fast life passes by. The trip does get bumpy, but never lose your faith.

Once you have accomplished that, you must then find out the why. Why were you and I blessed to walk the earth? What’s our purpose on earth? What’s your calling? What were you sent here to do? Once you can complete those things, life falls in place like Lego pieces, but it will still be like Tetrix. Just always remember to keep God First.

He’ll give you all the tools you’ll need to succeed. Once I realized that my past doesn’t make me, and it doesn’t need me anymore. I could then see that my future and destination was calling me. I feel like I was placed here to better myself, see the world for what it really is, test my faith, take care of my family, and take on fixing the homeless situation that we have in our hometown. Stand for something or fall for anything.

Before we continue, always remember that you should never look down on a man or woman unless you’re looking down to help them up. They could be the very one to send that ladder down when, not if, you need it. Nothing in life is perfect and every day won’t be like the month of May.

Where it all began.

I was born on August 9, 1993, in Athens Regional Medical Center. I stayed on the east side of town and attended Winterville Elementary School. Now keep in mind, I didn’t know what I know now back then. I didn’t know what faith was, what God, trials, tribulations, obstacles and so on were. However, when I look back, I realize that I had the tools I needed, and God was with me the whole time

The first major obstacle I faced came from being held back in school, as I was diagnosed as having ADHD and placed on Ritalin in kindergarten.

Soon afterward I was cut in the head by a chain saw and needed staples to put my head back together. Shortly after that obstacle, I needed the pastor to bless and baptize me as I was fighting demons.

After that the bullying in school began and I stopped applying myself and just gave up. I became a Fat Boy and was placed in the slower classes. That went on for a few years before I met my lifetime mentor and best friend, Mr. Glen Pridgen. He was the IT teacher at the time, and he took me under his wing and gave me an opportunity to help in broadcast. Me and his son Nolan Pridgen became best friends and still are to this day. I don’t understand why he did what he did or what he saw in me, but I’m grateful for it.

Fifth Grade

This was a breakthrough year for me. Mr. Quentez Hodge emerged, and I haven’t looked back since.

I didn’t have the money to attend the field trip to Six Flags at the end of the year with the school, but Mr. P. covered me. I’m glad I did, and you’ll see why shortly.

It was now lunch time, and we picked a restaurant to go and eat at. I was talking and distracted. I wasn’t able to listen to the other kids when they ordered, so when I got up next, I didn’t know what to ask for. You’re probably thinking, just look up at the menu Lol.

Well people, it was at this moment that we found out I was legally blind. I couldn’t read or see the menu. I had been compensating for that my entire life up to this point. Big pill to swallow at that age. Was I given a fair chance? Why me? So many questions entered my head. I’ll never forget.

We were in the Zaxbys drive-through, my mom and I. Remember, I was a Fat Boy and I ate good! Mom gave me my glasses as we stood in line, and the first thing I did was look up and say, “I can see the clouds.”

It’s funny how I looked up first instead of at anything else, right? I’ll let you guess why as you should know by now.


Quentez Hodge is a lifelong resident of Athens, where he is owner of A-Z Junk Removal LLC.

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