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ACC Housing & Community Development director resigns

Hayley Banerjee

Athens-Clarke County Manager Blaine Williams announced that Housing and Community Development (HCD) Department Director Hayley Banerjee has resigned from her position, effective April 2. She has accepted a position with the City of Atlanta.

“Hayley has helped to guide Athens-Clarke County in managing the flow of millions of dollars in federal aid to this community and to partner organizations who provide direct services to many,” Williams said. “We will miss her valuable oversight to ensure that recipients were accountable and professional in their approach to using these funds and wish her well in her future career.”

Prior to April 2, Williams will name an Interim Department Director who will serve until a director is named after a national search.

“Though the past few years have been some of the most challenging that this community has faced, I have been incredibly grateful to lead the Housing and Community Development Department in offering critical support to the Athens community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” Banerjee said. “I have been continuously impressed by the dedication of our staff and community partners to serve this community and appreciated the role our department has played in serving the community’s most vulnerable residents during times of great uncertainty.”

Banerjee has worked in HCD since 2016 and was named director in December 2019. The Athens-Clarke County Housing and Community Development Department's (HCD) mission is to provide funding for the creation and rehabilitation of affordable housing, to foster and coordinate services for disadvantaged populations, and to promote economic mobility among residents of Athens-Clarke County.

For more information on the Housing and Community Development Department, visit

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The links you posted are good. I don't doubt Mr Hardy is trying. I fault the government's decisions. I fault the squeaky wheel syndrome. As for what Mr. Hardy is doing for these people, I don't agree with this. Humans should strive to be human on their own. We should reward good behavior and life for those that don't strive will not be a good life. It's an unfortunate truth that many can't accept. This whole process is like duct tape on a water main or repeatedly trying to milk a cat and expecting the amount of milk from a cow. Historically, this is sad beyond belief. Humans could actually once build a home and grow food with their …

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They never should spend what they spend but it makes them, the commissioners, feel good. Those tents in the picture won't last long and they are going to smell awful; no ventilation. They should have at least toured some BSA camps and seen the use of Canvas tents. No to trailers. Just do vouchers to existing trailer parks if you're going to do that. Why is Mr. Hardy doing their laundry for them? There should be a wash tank, manual, and a clothesline. Give them something to do. Do they have a garden area?


is 2.5 million $ for 10 tents on Barber Street her legacy ? where Hardy thinks folding clothes neatly is an accomplishment ? 100 grand a month he gets ..can't wait to see the 990's on his 501c

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