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America Must Help Ukraine Defeat Russian Aggression

Dear Editor.

A principal, perhaps the principal, duty of our representatives in Congress is to defend America. Yet several of our Georgia Representatives are refusing to do so.Russia is: holding Americans as hostages; engaging in assassinations around the world; interfering with elections in the United States and Western Europe; has developed hyper-sonic weapons to defeat American and European defense systems; has created sophisticated electronic capabilities to disrupt essential utilities in America and Western Europe; is engaging in a propaganda blitz to build fear and hatred of America, even blaming the USA and Ukraine for the recent brutal ISIS attack in Russia and declaring that NATO is waging war on Russia. Most dangerously, Russia is using every weapon at its disposal short of nuclear arms (and threatening the use of those) and a massive army in an all-out effort to conquer Ukraine, including massacres of civilians and indiscriminate mass destruction. The heroic defense by the Ukrainians has exhausted Russia’s huge inventory of weapons. Now Iran and North Korea are providing weapons and ammunition to enable Russia to continue its attempt to dominate Ukraine as a prelude to continuing use of violence to restore Russia’s post World War II domination of neighboring countries.

We must wake up to fact that Russia is waging war against America and the other members of NATO.  The refusal of several Georgia Representatives to defend America is inexcusable.Our Georgia Representatives in Congress must act now to approve the assistance desperately needed by Ukraine.

Bruce Menke


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People today do not learn about WWII as our older generation did. They do not remember how it began, with Hitler taking over one country and then another in his nearly successful attempt to dominate Europe. Now Putin is doing the same thing, but we have forgotten. If we do not help Ukraine and Europe stop him, we'll end up fighting another world war but with modern weapons.

We should not let childish politicians, who care only about staying in power, keep us from realizing our own country is in danger.

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You're right but unfortunately no matter how much money we throw at Ukraine, the Russians will always out gun and out man the Ukrainians 10 to 1. All we can hope for us an eternal stalemate and rising body count.

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