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Athens animal shelter suspends accepting dogs due to Parvovirus outbreak

Athens-Clarke County Animal Services at 125 Buddy Christian Way will not accept owner-surrendered dogs until April 8 due to three cases of canine parvovirus and limited space.

The puppy area will be closed to visitors, and some dogs may not be available for adoption until the specified date.

The facility will still accept stray dogs, owner reclaims, and cat adoptions and intakes. This is possible because of separate areas in the facility that prevent cross-contamination. Canine parvovirus, or parvo, is a contagious virus that can affect unvaccinated dogs and puppies under four months old.

Animal Services Director Kristall Barber recognizes the challenges animal shelters face with animal viruses. She says the facility's layout, cleaning protocols, and policies help minimize impacts, but changes are needed when cases occur.

Until April 8, only stray dogs will be accepted due to space limitations. Residents wanting to surrender dogs before this date should contact Animal Services. Dog adoptions and owner reclaims will continue, but some dogs may not be available for adoption until April 8. Owners reclaiming dogs and residents adopting dogs will be informed about parvo in the facility.

The three puppies that tested positive for parvo were brought into the Adoption Center recently. They are housed in separate areas of the facility. Animal Services has reported the cases to the Georgia Department of Agriculture and is working to control the virus spread. The staff is also collaborating with the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Animal Protection Division and other local facilities.

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jane Lily
jane Lily
2 days ago

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Edward Conrad
Edward Conrad
25. März

It's crucial for Athens-Clarke County Animal Services to prioritize the health and safety of the animals in their care, as well as prevent the spread of canine parvovirus. The decision to temporarily suspend owner-surrendered dogs until April 8 due to confirmed cases of parvo and limited space demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for all animals and tunnel rush.

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