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Athens Area Diaper Bank Expands Outreach with New Distribution Van

Erin Campbell started addressing diaper need in her community after learning about the challenges many families face in affording diapers. As a new mother, she empathized with these families and founded the Athens Area Diaper Bank. The bank recently added a distribution van to improve its services.

Diaper need is a significant issue, as government programs like WIC and food stamps do not cover diaper costs. These costs can exceed $1,000 per year, burdening many families. In Athens, with a 20.7% poverty rate, over 8,000 children are at risk of diaper need. Lack of sufficient diapers can lead to health issues and restrict children's access to early education programs, which often require a supply of clean diapers.

Campbell established the Athens Area Diaper Bank in October 2015 after raising awareness and support through community events. By 2018, it became an independent nonprofit that not only distributes diapers but also advocates for affected families at various government levels. The acquisition of the distribution van was supported by congressionally directed spending, initiated by Campbell after meeting with U.S. Senator Jon Ossoff's office.

The new van allows the diaper bank to extend its reach to more partner organizations and plan mobile distributions directly to families. By the end of 2024, the bank aims to distribute 30,000 diapers monthly across six counties, striving to eliminate diaper need in the area.

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