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Athens-Clarke County Jail on lockdown after inmates test positive for Covid-19

By Joe Johnson

The Athens-Clarke County Jail is on lockdown after inmates tested positive for Covid-19.

“It was done out of precautionary concerns Wednesday evening after two inmates tested positive for COVID-19,” Sheriff John Q. Williams said Friday morning. “Those subjects were move to quarantine and have been isolated since then.”

The sheriff, “That is a very small number, but due to the potential exposure for other inmates and deputies, we activated the lockdown protocol to prevent a mass spread.

The most significant change during a Covid-19 lockdown is restricting outside access to the jail lobby.

“During this pandemic, the preferred method of handling appearances and contacts has been through various digital and virtual means,” Williams said. “Through technology, we have been largely able to accommodate the needs of inmates, attorneys, and the court system.”

The sheriff said that as of Friday morning no additional inmates have tested positive for the virus, and he expected the lockdown could be lifted later in the day.

“The jail has maintained safety protocols, even for the brief period the mask mandates were lifted,” Williams said “The use of masks, heightened sanitization protocols, and minimizing face-to-face contacts have helped us to avoid major outbreaks.

“We acquired sprayers and a solution that eliminates contaminants for up to 30 days and we use these products weekly or as needed,” he said. “We provide masks to all inmates. We have a regular schedule of testing, and we have partnered with Innovative Healthcare since May to provide vaccinations. As a result, positive tests are rare and when we have had cases, the symptoms have been mild at most.”

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Sep 18, 2021

I'm sure SOME of the precautions have been put into play but not all that are listed in the article have. The inmates are still 60 or more in a dorm (not the CDC guidlines). The beds are only 3 feet apart. The cells/dorms are not being properly cleaned as he states in the article. Their have been more positive test since Friday and nothing is being done they are still in the dorms (not icelated). The inmates that are testing positive are being treated like dirt. Some inmates dont even want to say they are feeling bad bc of the way others are being treated. I understand that they have committed crimes but they still have rights and they…

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
Sep 23, 2021
Replying to

Wow!!!! What a great way to dance all around the topic. Well since he does not want to be honest about it. I'm curious to know if he is so involved and the actions that are being taken ask him to explain why 22 inmates from 1 dorm requested to be covid tested on Saturday September 18 2021 and have yet to be tested??????? Why they are only sanitizing the hallways not the actual dorms????? Like the inmates are not in the hall ways so why??? Also several deputies were/have been sick and tried to stay home and were told if they did not come to work they would be fired, is he serious?????!!!!!!!! I don't know if he remembers…

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