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Athens man fatally shot in apparent gang murder

By Joe Johnson

A man was fatally shot late Tuesday night outside of his home in west Athens.

He was identified by the county coroner as 25-year-old Nigel Turner of Huntington Court.

Turner was a known member of the Red Tape Gang, and he apparently has become the most recent victim an Athens street gang rivalry that has claimed several lives in recent years.

A drive-by shooting involving those two gangs on March 8 resulted in the death of a 3-year-old boy who was killed inside his home by a bullet that missed its intended target.

Nigel Turner

In addition to the man who was killed Tuesday night, a woman who had been with him was said to have been injured and transported to the hospital.

Based on information gathered from the neighborhood, it appears that the victims had been in a car in the driveway of the gang member’s home when ambushed by a gunman.

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4 commentaires

Why do I have to live with this? If he's a known member of a street gang, isn't there a law that makes his membership illegal and his proper home in jail? I'll wager 10-to-1 this moment that the murderer also has a mug shot. I feel like an unpaid extra in a bad movie just living in my hometown.

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So you’re just now aware gangs exist and have existed in Athens for decades?


The photo attire explains the obvious: Nigel's entire adult life has been "on probation."

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Or in prison, but we all know prison doesn’t reform, so that’s why people from all walks of life are usually repeat offenders.

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