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Athens man hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds

By Joe Johnson

Athens-Clarke County police said Monday morning they were investigating the shooting of a man last week on a street in East Athens.

According to a police news release, officers responded to the 500 block of Fourth Street Friday night on reports of gunshots being fired in the area.

Police said they found a 25–year-old black male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the parking lot of public housing nearby on Bonnie Lane.

An investigation determined that the victim, who did not reside in the area had been shot outside of 530 Fourth St., said Lt.Shaun Barnett, public information officer for ACCPD.

A motive and other aspects of the investigation were being withheld from the public by police, he said.

“The circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation and nothing has been ruled out as of yet, but there is nothing obvious that indicates that the shots were discharged from a vehicle.” Barnett said.

The police lieutenant said there were no known motives for the shooting, nor where there suspects.

Police did not release the victim’s name, but said his injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Sgt. Scott Black at 762-400-7058 or

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anybody seen a follow up on this story from a year ago?


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Wait.. I can't believe a young black male was shot at a housing project AND they are withholding motive. Must be a mistake! Wonder if there is a slim chance it is drugs or gangs? Unrelated, have fun smelling like skunk Athens! Is that $35 fine solid for Sanford Stadium too? Can I just pay at the gate and smoke a fatty at half time? Asking for a friend. Seriously, I tip my hat to the black woman fighting drugs (weed too) in the housing projects, Asia Thomas, what a brave WOMAN. I can't believe ABH actually published the truth that someone was against the "$35 blazing fatty law" (Jessie Houle hobby law).

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