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Athens man in wheelchair held at gunpoint during home invasion

By Joe Johnson

A home invader held a gun to the head of a wheelchair-bound Athens man Monday night while accomplices looted the victim's house on Oconee Street, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report.

The 27-year-old victim told police he was lying in bed at about 9:30 p.m.  when he heard the sound of loud thuds coming from the back of the house.

Not realizing that his two roommates were not home, the man yelled out, asking if they were okay. When he got into his wheelchair and left his room to see what happened he encountered a masked man who pointed a gun at his head at made him go outside on the porch, where he and the gunman remained for about 20 minutes while two other suspects searched the home for what they wanted, according to the report.

After the roommates returned home, it was determined that the back door of the house had been kicked in, as has the door to one of the roommate’s bedroom.

According to the report, `a TV, Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, a Polaroid camera, a tapestry of the zodiac, five necklaces, a phone charger and a bag of coffee with a total value of about $1,000 were stolen.

An officer noted in the report that it was strange that a bedroom door that opens outward had been kicked off its hinges, and someone would have had to have been inside the room in order to kick down the door.

The report also mentioned that the roommate told police that a teenage cousin of her disabled roommate was at the house when she left.

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