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Athens schoolteacher injured breaking up fight student fight

By Joe Johnson

An Athens schoolteacher recently was injured while breaking up a fight between students.

A resource officer for W.R. Coile Middle School indicated in a police report that on the afternoon of April 28, upon responding to a reported fight between two 6th graders, he found one teacher getting off the floor and another walking in the hallway, holding her back. That teacher then went into a classroom and stretched out on the floor “obviously in pain.”

The officer reported that he learned that a 13-year-old boy had struck the teacher’s back when she intervened in a fight he was having with another boy.

A nurse was not present at the school, so the officer called for a National EMS crew to come check her out, and they ended up transporting her to the hospital.

“Both juveniles were escorted to administrators and released for disciplinary purposes,” the resource officer reported.

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