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Athens woman living in fear of son points gun at him

James Surrandon Crawford

By Joe Johnson

An Athens man reportedly was recently arrested for allegedly terrorizing his elderly mother.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, officers responded Wednesday afternoon to a home on Fourth Street to investigate a 74-year-old woman’s report that she pointed a gun at her son, who subsequently left the residence.

She said that she lived in fear of her son,42-year-old James Surrandon Crawford, the report noted.

“She told me that she got the gun and pointed it at James because she was scared of him,” An officer wrote in the report. “She told me that he directs foul language and threats at her every day at her and makes her give him money for drugs.”

The victim’s daughter showed the officer interior surveillance video that showed “James screaming at (his mother) and threatening to hurt her,” according to the police report.

The report indicated that police obtained warrants charging Crawford with felony elder exploitation, misdemeanor terroristic threats and acts, and misdemeanor violation of probation, and he was arrested the afternoon of his mother's complaint.

As of Friday afternoon, he was being detained at the Clarke County Jail without bail being set.

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