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Barrow Co. Sheriff warns of bogus IRS agent

By Joe Johnson

A man reported to the Barrow County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday that a woman came to his home and identified herself as a field agent for the Interal Revenue Service.

She flashed a badge and provided a business card with a non-working phone number and fake address, the sheriff's office said.

She told the man that she was their to serve him with a lien for payroll taxes, had a laptop computer and tried to get personal information from him, the sheriffs office said, and when the man realized he was being set up for an obvious scam, he told the woman to leave.

The suspect was described as a Black female that is is about 5-foot-3, and appeared to be in her early 30s, with short black hair. She reportedly was driving a blue Kia Stinger.

This is a scam and this person is not with the IRS. The sheriff's office said that anyone who has someone approach their home or business in this manner should immediately call 911.

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