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Biden works to improve country in non-partisan ways, GOP should follow suit

Thanks to President Biden’s CHIPS Act, a semiconductor manufacturing factory in a heavily Republican part of Ohio is going to be built. The residents of Licking County, Ohio will benefit from the good-paying jobs it will bring to their community. The fact that it is being built in an area that few voted for Biden is immaterial. I wish that our Secretary of State Raffensperger and Attorney General Carr had the same attitude.

Fulton County elections office and elections board have been under investigation by the SOS for maleficence since the 2020 election. Nothing has been found. However, in Coffee County, an election denier group was given access to the county’s voting equipment to copy data from their election server, ballot scanners and memory cards that store votes. The aforementioned is not in dispute.

A serious review of the county’s election breach hasn’t been forthcoming even though SOS Raffensperger and AG Carr have known about it since January 2021. It took a lawsuit this year by private citizens to find documents showing that allies of then-President Trump and their computer experts gained access to sensitive voting files.

Could Coffee and Fulton be examples of uneven enforcement because Fulton County is reliably Democratic, and Coffee County is reliably Republican?

Our President doesn’t care that heavily Republican areas benefit from legislation passed by a Democratic-controlled Congress. It’s about fairness and the right thing to do, not about party. We should expect the same from SOS Raffensperger and AG Carr.

Jacqueline Elsner


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what is this about?


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You’re bogus letter is a fail. Nice try!


"Noting has been found" You must have missed these videos: Georgia

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WATCH OAN's Jenn Pellegrino: Georgia poll watcher details irregularities during recount

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Georgia election…


Who said anything about CNN? The above links are laughable. 1/2 of them have been removed for misinformation and the rest are from Trump's or OAN's Youtube pages.


you would think a librarian would know that a topic sentence that has NOTHING to do with the remaining paragraph is an example of very poor writing. Great click bait!

There was a sentence, however, that says our "President doesn’t care that heavily Republican areas benefit from legislation passed by a Democratic-controlled Congress." This is called midterm vote buying.

Joe Biden is nothing more than a teleprompter reading, Alzheimer's patient, virtual signaling divider of America. You can NOT demonized half of America and call yourself a uniter. 4 years of weekend at Bernie's.


BTW, the CHIPS bill mostly benefits Taiwan which will lead to a war. If you don't know much about a subject, don't make it your topic sentence.

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