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CCSD Department of PR and Communications Receives Recognitions from State, National Associations

The Clarke County School District announces that its Department of Public Relations and Communications has received numerous awards and recognitions from the Georgia School Public Relations Association and National School Public Relations Association.

The department is responsible for communicating dustrict's goals, objectives, and priorities to its various stakeholders through the dissemination of information in printed and audio-visual forms, media relations, and events. It assists with crisis management/communication and provides marketing and stakeholder engagement support to individual schools and departments, language translation and interpretation services to students and families, and open records requests.

Last month, the department received five awards in GSPRA’s annual Publications, Photography, and Electronic Media Contest:

● A Gold Award for Excellence in Writing for the script of the video accompanying the release of CCSD Superintendent Dr. Robbie Hooker’s First 100 Days Report. The department also won a Silver Award for Special Purpose Publication for the First 100 Days Report.

● Silver Awards in Social Media for its highlighting of local Black history in the Athens-Clarke County community during Black History Month and for the New Year, New You running and fitness campaign.

● A Bronze Award for the Better Together weekly digital newsletter. The newsletter is published on the website and delivered in English and Spanish to all families and community members who sign up to receive it every Friday during the school year.

Earlier this year, the department also received three recognitions from NSPRA in its annual Publications and Digital Media Excellence Awards:

● An Award of Merit in Special Purpose Publication for the First 100 Days Report.

● Honorable Mention in Podcasting/Audio for the Studio 595 podcast.

● Honorable Mention in Video (produced with outside contractor) for CCSD Students Celebrate

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy - ‘King's Kindness in Action'. The video was produced in collaboration with CV House Productions.

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Georgia is a Cesspool
Georgia is a Cesspool
10 de nov. de 2023

Weren’t you all on here upset paying more to educate our kids just a few weeks ago? Do any of you even understand how important PR and communications are to a community’s education system? How do you think parents get information or the citizens of Clarke county? They literally are the ones keeping the public informed.

Congratulations to their PR and Communication Teams. Well done.


It's a sad day for the kids of Clarke County. The "Administrative Office" seems to be doing "great", bloated as they may be, while "teaching" the kids is an afterthought. How blasted sad.


Izzy Mendalbaum
Izzy Mendalbaum
10 de nov. de 2023

I can't seem to close my mouth. My lower jaw has hit the floor. Our children cannot read or write and the CCSD has the nerve to nominate themselves for friggin' PR awards! Teach a kid, dammit. I'm embarrassed for all of you.


Congratulations! Now work on teaching and providing students with the tools they need to thrive.

According to

Clarke County School School System

Proficiency in Reading is 21% and Math is 17%. Wow, good luck in the world with those levels of proficiency.

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