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Classic City News observes 5th anniversary

In May 2019 my long career as an active crime-beat reporter ended sooner than I had anticipated it would after a brain tumor diagnosis that has severely disabled me.

Although I am now limited in how I physically go about reporting on stories in the Athens community I have strived towards continuing to provide the same kind of journalism that I had done since 2003 through my not-for-profit local news service, Classic City News.

Before arriving in town 21 years ago and going to work for the Athens-Banner Herald I had reported for various newspapers in the New York metro area, beginning in 1986.

If you have been a consumer of CCN’s free content and support what I’ve been doing, please consider helping to celebrate this anniversary by becoming a monthly supporter or making a one-time contribution by visiting

However you choose to help can be done through PayPal or credit by following the link to where you will find a gold DONATE button.

Thank you sincerely,

Joe Johnson

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1 Comment

Hope you have at least 20 anniversaries. Keep on informing us.

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