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Cop impersonator arrested after trying traffic stop on real Athens officer

Timothy Dale Hulsey

By Joe Johnson

A 62-year-old man Colbert man was arrested by Athens-Clarke County police after they said he was impersonating an officer when he apparently tried pulling over an off-duty ACCPD officer.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon on U.S. Highway 29 near Hull Road where, police said, Timothy Dale Hulsey was driving a black Ford Crown Victoria that came racing up with blue lights flashing behind an unmarked police car being driven by the off-duty officer, who pulled to the side of the road.

The officer reportedly activated his own flashing lights and displayed his police badge through his vehicle's window.

Hulsey then drove off, police said, but the ACCPD officer followed him to a bank parking lot where he confronted him and remained there until on-duty police arrived.

Hulsey's car was described in a police report as resembling a police cruiser that had a spotlight and faded lettering of Johns Creek and 911 on the body.

He explained his actions by claiming that the ACCPD officer had angered him by cutting him off, police said, and he explained that when he purchased his car two years ago it was already equipped with the blue emergency lights.

Hulsey was charged with impersonating a public officer and illegal use of blue lights on a vehicle, and was released from jail upon posting bonds totaling $6,800.

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