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David Pollack Names The 'Better Coach' Between Nick Saban, Kirby Smart

By Scott Davis/Athlon Sports

Georgia and Alabama are preparing to face off in the SEC Championship, and college football analyst David Pollack things Georgia has one clear advantage.

"The better coach is clearly Kirby Smart," Pollack said on the "Snaps" podcast. " Clearly."

Pollack said after watching the two teams over the course of the season, a few details stick out to him that give Georgia the advantage.

"They're not going to get penalties, they're not going to turn the football over, they're not going to beat themselves," Pollack said.

Former NFL and UGA linebacker David Pollack

"What have we seen from Nick Saban and Alabama the past several years? That discipline that we once saw, that was elite of elite, has eroded. Penalties up, turnovers have been more consistent ... Kirby's the better coach right now, and this team's been more prepared this year."

Pollack did say that the Crimson Tide's defense is better than Georgia's, while the Bulldogs' offense is better than 'Bama's.

However, Pollack — who went to Georgia — believes it's going to be a great game.

"I think it's going to be an absolute war."

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